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The Dominico American Society offers volunteer opportunities for those interested in contributing their time in helping those less fortunate.  Please contact Yanna Henriquez  to discuss your interests and explore volunteer opportunities with our organization.

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The People Behind The Dominico American Society of Queens

The Board of Directors is the driving force behind DAS mission.  We are fortunate to have a Board that brings an array of experiences, skills and knowledge.  Through their collective civic values and commitment to Community, the DAS board provides a solutions and design programs that target the needs of our community.   All our board members are highly-recognized individuals in their respective professional fields. As community leaders, they are known for their many social contributions.  The variety of skills and experiences that each member brings to the board strengthens our cause and allows us to move confidently into the future.




Victoria Miranda picture
Victoria Miranda, Treasurer





Miguelina Flórez, Secretary









Jose Abreu, Board Member


Marcelo Eugenio, Board Member

Cristian Ferreira, Boad Member






Jose Tejada, Executive Director

Yanna Henriquez, Program Director

Julio Hernandez, Citizenship and Naturalization Instructor, Immigration Advisor

Chaky Lora , Office Assistant

Juan Erasmo Torres- After School Teacher

Katherine Aguero- After School Teacher

Leydi Hierro- After School Teacher

Juan Erasmo Torres- Computer Instructor




Fanny Chen

Fulgencio Villalba

Guillermo Alvarez

Gustavo Estrada

Kinye Yu

Priscilla W. Guo

Sara Avery

Silvia Puma




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